As a small business owner, there are numerous business advantages to outsourcing your IT services. If you have an employee who is your dedicated IT generalist, consider the impact to your business when that person gets sick or takes vacation. What if the technology is beyond their abilities to implement or maintain? Are you in compliance with employment overtime laws when your staff is required to work evenings or weekends? Does your business have a single point of failure on one or two key individuals?

  • Procurement

YNOTU Designs takes a vested interest in your business and technology needs. Where most companies call around to several vendors for quotes and spend countless hours in sales calls to find the best products, YNOTU Designs takes care of those tasks for you and allows you to concentrate on your core business. We even handle the negotiations of any contracts. We’ll find you the best solution and price and present it for your approval.

YNOTU Designs is vendor neutral, enabling us to focus on services and solutions. We have formed many alliances, allowing us to recommend solutions that meet the client’s business goals, objectives, budgetary requirements and technology needs.  Unlike service companies acting as VARs, we don’t make any money on the sale of equipment.  We look out for your best interests, not ours.

  • Network Implementation

Let YNOTU Designs help you ensure you’re getting the right equipment and technology to match your business needs and goals.  We’ll work with you to understand your budget, needs, timelines and expectations.

We’ll even design and utilize our procurement services to prepare quotes on hardware, software, and services so you know what you’re spending and getting before you take that next step.  Contact us today to ensure your company implements the right network for your business the first time!

  • Budget Planning

Do you know how much you’re spending to meet your goals and is it something you can track?

As with any business, budgeting for any expense can be a nightmare. Changes in technology needs due to the number of employees, number of clients or the way the business is operated can drastically affect your IT budget.

YNOTU Designs will work with you to put together a clear and concise technology budget to match the goals of your business. We sit with you to better understand how you see your business growing so we can recommend the right technology to help you achieve your goals. We can align strategic roadmaps to include services and equipment, so you’ll know what you’re spending each month to achieve those goals.

  • Network Assessment

Knowing where you currently are and where you would like to go is the first priority in any goal. At YNOTU Designs, our assessment service is the key to success in the IT industry. We will sit down with you and get an understanding of your business goals and objectives. We then gather all the relevant data as to how your current network is designed and configured. Afterwards, we will perform a gap analysis and provide you with a road map to achieve your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. As with any business, planning is the key to success. At Technet Solutions, we bring a range of experience across several industries to let you know how you can further improve your networking needs.

At the conclusion of our assessment, we will provide you with a copy of the assessment, as well as a presentation with your staff. We will outline your current status, pinpoint inefficiencies, provide a baseline for healthy behavior and develop a strategic plan with options to optimize network infrastructure with your network. You will also be provided with recommendations for maintaining your network. Many of our clients opt for the assessment service to proactively identify network vulnerabilities, performance, and cost optimization by maximizing network infrastructure, and resolving problems before they occur.