Remote Monitoring

You like to know about network issues BEFORE they become disasters

Our remote monitoring solution is a cost-effective way to manage critical network equipment. Monitoring allows companies to anticipate and resolve network issues before they become problems or even worse…disasters!

Every company wants to be proactive – but when you get the call that email is not being sent, the Web order form is broken, or the network has crawled to a halt – you and your team must react. You know you need a proactive infrastructure, but with all the crises that come with managing IT infrastructure you have little time to put one in place.

Tec hnet Solutions recognizes the challenges, and has integrated best-of-class proactive monitoring.We support the most comprehensive fault, performance and security monitoring in the industry, covering almost all makes and models of devices, operating systems and applications. We provide best practices for monitoring most infrastructure devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, printers, servers, desktops, and applications. And our unique deployment model allows you to take advantage of this proactive monitoring without requiring a VPN and without deploying agents to each managed device. With the installation of a single service at each site, you can take advantage of the full proactive and reactive features of the YNOTU Designs Remote Monitoring platform.

With our SOLUTION, you can:

  1. Proactively monitor your network
  2. Automatically updated asset management, so you know what you have and what has changed
  3. Strengthen and validate the security of your network
  4. Assess the true performance of your network
  5. Most importantly…be alerted to problems before they become disasters.

Key features of our proactive monitoring include:

  1. Comprehensive fault, performance and security monitoring
  2. Viewable 24/7 via your personal secure Internet site
  3. Proactive monitoring for network, systems and applications
  4. Policy-driven setup & administration
  5. Full control over alerting & alert severities
  6. Proactive alert notification via email, cell phone, or pager
  7. Default policies to implement best practices for most IT infrastructures
  8. Integrated knowledge base to remediate alerts
  9. 100% agent less
  10. VPN-less

Fully integrated, requiring no additional software