Service Details

  1. Service Reports
    Detailed review of the work completed on your network, so you always know what you’re paying for with YNOTU Designs.
  2. Procurement Services
    We do the leg work for you configuring and ordering servers, PC’s, software, routers, switches, printers and peripherals from tier 1 manufacturers including Dell, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Cisco, 3Com, Watchguard, Sonic Wall and more.
  3. Network Documentation Comprehensive documentation for network outlining devices, configurations, points of contact, etc.
  4. Basic Remote Monitoring
    Our automated systems will generate reports on items that threaten the integrity of your network environment.
  5. Advanced Remote Monitoring Our state-of-the-art, remote monitoring system (Network Operating Center and Co-located facilities) lets us know about problems with your network environment before they affect you.
  6. Patch Management
    Major software providers like Microsoft release updates almost daily as patches. Our systems check network devices for the latest patches that provide details to automatically deploy the updates – allowing clients to run the most current and secure versions.
  7. Preventative Maintenance
    Preventive maintenance is the best method we’ve found for decreasing downtime and keeping security tight. This is provided on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the solution you purchase.
  8. Security Monitoring
    Proactively monitor the security of devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and desktops
  9. Email Support
    Unlimited issues or questions requiring the advice or response of the YNOTU Designs team within 24 hours.
  10. Virtual Help Desk
    Our Help Desk services personnel respond to client inquiries and issues related to day to- day IT functions. (Examples: “I can’t print” or “how do you setup Outlook?”)
  11. Annual IT Review
    YNOTU Designs will review last 12 months of IT issues, costs, and provide recommendations for coming year.
  12. ISP Management
    YNOTU Designs will work with your ISP for you to resolve connectivity issues
  13. Scheduled On-Site Visits
    Consultant will be on-site at pre-determined times to assist with tasks, additional maintenance and/or issues.
  14. Emergency Support
    Support via remote or on-site to resolve critical network issues through main number during business hours
  15. Virtual CIO
    Our dedicated “Virtual CIO” will visit with you to discuss issues based on the data collected from your environment and provide customized recommendations on how to plan for the future. We can act as the technical seat in your senior management team.
  16. Spam/Virus Filtering
    We filter all incoming email messages, virtually eliminating unwanted ones before they arrive keeping your mailbox uncluttered by unwelcome and malicious visitors.
  17. Off-Site Remote Backup
    Our automated, reliable, secure and easy-to-use data backup service will save you time, money — and in the case of a disaster, your business. No need to purchase tapes, drives, software, etc….it’s all included and your data is stored off-site nightly.
  18. Email Compliance
    Monitoring, storing and retrieving all incoming and outgoing email messages to meet state, federal, company policies (sexual harassment, trade secrets, SOX, HIPAA
  19. Email Hosting
    Provide POP IMAP or Exchange email accounts for your domain
  20. Web Hosting
    We provide hosting for your company web site for your domain.
  • Reduce IT support costs by as much as 70% over full time staff
  • Eliminate single point of failure… an entire TEAM at your fingertips
  • Eliminate overtime, holiday, sick leave, vacation benefits from payroll!