Hosted Exchange

Businesses looking for the communication capabilities of larger companies without the costs will reap the benefits of hosted Exchange. Our exchange hosting system provides both administrators and end users with distinct advantages over other hosting programs. The management interface, for example, is embedded with security enhancements that keep our client’s servers and networks safe. At the same time, the format is easy to use and interact with.

  1. High Availability While achieving five 9′s of availability within the data center is required for a High Availability Hosted Exchange solution, on its own it does not achieve this goal. Exchange and Outlook were designed to connect using a Local Area Network which can be described as fast, stable and very deterministic. Using the Internet instead with its designed in tolerance for high packet latency, packet loss, and even significant outages will result in a user experience inconsistent with expectations for what is arguably the most mission critical application used by businesses today. Control outside the data center is as important as control inside when delivering Microsoft Exchange as a hosted application using the Internet.


  1. Spam and Virus Protection SecureTide™ spam and virus filters protect inbound and outbound messages, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email for every client. Security is not an option with YNOTU Designs Exchange Hosting service.
    Our embedded SecureTide™ spam and virus protection service removes the risk of security problems that can result from just one client opting out of a voluntary email protection service. Every server includes SecureTide’s™ proven email protection service, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email at the gateway. SecureTide utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques and 4 virus scanning engines..
    At the end of the day, each user will receive via email a report containing any emails that were quarantined. This reduces the number of emails to your mailbox, thus increasing productivity. Users can log review the report and decide which, if any emails are important to them.


  1. Mobile Device Synchronization Mobile technology enables organizations of all sizes to improve the speed of service, quality of communication, and effectiveness of collaboration between employees and customers. YNOTU Designs offers an array of mobile device synchronization options, providing users with instant access to your email, contacts, tasks and shared calendars, improving business productivity. Our fully integrated service offers true wireless service 24/7/365, without the need for cradles or USB synchronization hardware connections. Keep your workforce connected anytime, anywhere with the device of your choice.Choose from the leading wireless email and synchronization solutions: BlackBerry, Good Mobile and Microsoft.


  1. Unlimited Mailbox Quotas
    One of the large advantages of our exchange mail hosting is the unlimited mailbox space companies receive. Unlimited mailbox storage means that clients of our Secure Exchange Service don’t need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of increased email activity. With this aspect of the product, managers can quit monitoring account quotas and focus their energies on other aspects of maintaining a strong network system.This does not mean that using Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange 2003 will work with an infinitely large email box – there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before performance becomes unacceptable. It also doesn’t mean that a mailbox can be defined as an “archive” – which would be impractical and inconsistent with archiving requirements.


  1. Unmatched Benefits over the Competition
    Compare the features included or available with our solution against what most other providers can offer. We’re confident that our Hosted Exchange solution is a step above the rest