About Us

YNOTU Designs has quickly become a premier source for the latest information technology, serving as a reliable IT solution provider. Specializing in providing quick, reliable, solutions for companies in today’s fast pace technology world. YNOTU Designs is a company dedicated to providing you with the most powerful IT products, solutions and strategies that keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

YNOTU Designs can offer you custom designed services at competitive prices that are a relief to a strained budget. Our services maintenance programs can accommodate all your IT needs. Our focus is to keep your IT systems operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues At CCS, we believe that in today’s fast pace Information Technology industry you need a stable and reliable hardware/software solution provider. A company with experience and knowledge who can provide a complete level of quality services with minimal inconvenience to the customers.

We are Service-enabled IT and consulting firm, we provide solutions to their clients with regard to Systems engineering and Technology Assistance, IT services, Management Consulting, Security systems, etc.

Our Clients